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Origins of My Healing Tradition

Origins of My Healing Tradition

I first started practicing my signature Orgone Energy Healing Therapy under the tutelage of Dr. Robert Sharp, who derived this technique from studying the work of Dr. Wilhelm Reich.

Wilhelm Reich was a psychiatrist and a scientist whose work spans the period from 1920-1955. He researched and promoted orgone energy, which is the life force found in living organisms, the earth, the atmosphere, and outer space. Other common names for orgone energy are chi and prana.

Reich established that human disease and neurosis are caused by blocks in the body which obstruct the natural flow of life. When these blocks, created by traumatic experiences and dysfunctional belief systems, are removed, healing in the body and mind can occur. He successfully treated patients on an energetic level without the use of medications and surgeries.

My teacher, Dr. Robert Sharp, followed this philosophy of healing, knowing that any discomfort, ailment or disease could be released by becoming conscious of the beliefs and emotions trapped in the body. I’m grateful for the opportunity I had to work with Dr. Sharp for 25 years, and to master this ground-breaking therapy.

— Freyda Campbell

Customer Reviews

Healing Body Mind & Soul

Freyda is one of the most precious teachers the universe has delivered into my life. Her work, which is amazing beyond words, has catapulted my life and spirit into "living at a higher frequency." My body and mind have expanded and I now experience joy and peace in a way I never had before. Freyda's work is one of teaching, guiding and healing. She has a special way to be strong in her feedback while being gentle and loving. Her work has supported me in my personal goals, physical goals, professional goals and in everyday motherhood. I have, and will continue to be a source of referral to Freyda and her amazing work!

— Carla, Real Estate Agent

Healing Body Mind & Soul

Working with Freyda has brought joy and purpose back into my life. Through our work together, I've found the answers I've been looking for as long as I can remember. I've learned how to find my balance and how to get back to it when it slips. I now practice facing my fears as they come. Oh, my gut still tenses up and I can feel when alarms go off, but I now have the personal tools to be able to discern what is required of me. Working with Freyda has changed my life, and I love her for it.

— Jessica

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